Firewood Processing &
Log Splitting Services 

Log Splitter Hire required? Logs laying around? Tree recently felled or fallen? Firewood supplier?
We can help you get from tree to stove or open fire with our hard work & expert equipment to suit your needs.


Get in touch today for your firewood processing, wood splitting requirements, we are equipped with state of the art Carroll Engineering custom 16t road towable log splitter with hydraulic log lifter for the big rings & our BRAND NEW only one custom made 10t compact 750mm wide and 1700mm high for all narrow access scenario's, both splitters are lightning fast to ensure you are getting value for money with our splitting services! Both machines will take on the toughest of logs either freshly cut or well seasoned and working alongside is the Timbercroc Log Holder and Stihl chainsaws to cut your logs to the perfect size for your stove,chimnea,firepit etc, 


We offer several services which are machine with an operator hourly or day rate or our NEW  service of drop off  your unprocessed timber and collect split to size logs on a reduced hourly rate


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Let us do the hard work and by the end of the day you will have split wood to last you a long while! See below.....

We are Leicestershire & Rutland based, we can travel nationwide. P.O.A


Log Splitter Hire & Services offer a mobile log splitting solution which is both efficient and cost effective. Utilising a recently felled/fallen tree into split firewood. Our price's vary on amount/location, Please get in touch for a no obligation quote. No job too big or too small and travel nationwide available (travel terms to be agreed)

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All Access High Speed

Narrow Access 10ton log splitter available with efficient operator

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Road Towable 16t 

Road Tow 16ton log splitter available with efficient operator

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Timber Croc

Timber Croc 

The Timber Croc is designed to hold logs of various sizes, while cutting with a chainsaw.

It will hold a log without any other support, making log cutting a job for one person.

The heavy-duty Timber Croc Log Holder is capable of gripping logs exceeding 20 kilograms. This makes cutting wood a safe, one person job. Also standing higher off the ground, there is enough clearance to wheel a small trailer underneath that will catch the falling logs. This saves time, backache and fatigue.


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Working Areas

Leicestershire (East Midlands) Based

Nationwide work undertaken

 Travel costs calculated on quotation.

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